Booth Set Up

Sizes Available


5 x 10
10 x 10
10 x 20
20 x 20 (limited availibity)



Electricity is available on a limited basis for an extra $10.

Vendors must bring their own heavy duty extension cord. Please do not overload the outlet.



You may unload/load at the main entrance under the cover. Please make sure to leave room for multiple vehicles loading/unloading at the same time. Please bring your own carts as the ranch is not responsible for helping you load/unload products and equipment.



Gates to Son Valley Ranch will open no earlier than 7:30am on event day for entrance to vendors. Please drive to the Main covered entrance and check in with event coordinator before unloading. You must be setting up by 8am and be ready for the public by 9am! The front gates will be closed at 3pm to traffic, unless other events are being held at the ranch, and you may begin take down at this time.



Vendor Parking is in the same lot as the public parking. Please make sure to park to leave the front parking spaces for customers.

2019 booth space layout

We set up in the front half of Legacy Hall from the front doors to the middle columns.

Files coming soon.

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